Monday, September 7, 2009

Goodbye Item A610 Sheer Tan

I should become a serious songwriter, and I'd make an ode to the out of stock A610 sheer tan pantyhose made just for men style, because that is the style that got me into the mainstream habit of wearing in the public eye, otherwise wearing ladies wear just would not have done it.
Item A610 was and is, since I still have quite a few left, made with rich sleekness and form fitting comfort, like a well tailored glove that feels like it was meant to be.
So much for luxury!
Now it has been brought to my attention that item A577 has the same style and control comfort. I'll believe it when I see it because so far, nothing has been comparable to A610 by a long shot. Sorry, but I know how clothes feel, and not just in passing. It was tough, built to last, with the durability only a man could enjoy in tights for men. The real intro to the man's world of tight form fitting clothes made for the male animal and not, I repeat, not for women.
I just might be tempted not to open the very last package, and maybe in many years to come, it will become like a comic book valued at an enormous price on ebay. What am I thinking, I wouldn't sell it, cause I want to wear it.
That item A577 better be the answer to my form fitting dilemma because I am, after all, addicted to sheer love. Short shorts for men is no longer the same with bare legs, it's so high school, god save us.

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